Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2: Still good

Today went a lot like yesterday. In the morning we met with the social worker, the head of the spina bifida clinic, the perinatologist, the urinologist and the neurosurgeon. All, again, were very informative and kind. We feel so much more educated about the process, how the surgery would go, the drugs Shelly would take, the risks involved to Shelly and to Kaitlyn, the recovery afterward, the accommodations we'd be staying in, how to take care of babies with spina bifida, catheterization, bowel management... we're so glad we came, if nothing else, just for the free education. Then this afternoon Shelly had an MRI. About three and a half hours long, trapped in a tiny tube (the baby was moving a lot, and the MRI machine was having some issues). But the day is done, and we are left to return to the hotel and mull over everything.

Tomorrow we return for randomization. We don't think that there is anything that will keep us from going ahead with the trial at this point. We have felt good about the whole process, and really feel that the spirit has guided the way. We're still going to review everything tonight and pray hard, but we feel like we'll probably go through with it. Then it would just be left for the computers to decide. If we get the prenatal surgery, we'd check into the hospital tomorrow night for pre-surgery prep, and then it would be time for the surgery bright and early Thursday. After that, we'd be in for an awesome recovery period of absolutely no energy, likely nausea, possible sweats, and other extremely pleasant side effects. But, that should subside after a few days, then job #1 would be incubating this baby and making sure she doesn't get too curious about the outside world.

Then again, if the computer assigns us to the other group, we could be heading home Thursday morning, and life would be pretty much back to normal. Isn't it a crazy situation? I guess we'll know soon, but it's very nerve-wracking.

So, this has all been a rehashing of what you all know already if you've been reading our blog. That's a good thing though -- it means nothing unexpected has popped up, so we will probably qualify for the study. Tomorrow am is the big news, and we will let everyone know asap. (Moms first.)

Thanks for all of the praying. Kaitlyn is very appreciative, as are we. Lots of love.


  1. I'll be one of those anxious moms for the phone call in the morning. I am so grateful for how things have gone. I assume the sweats will be from hormones to keep labor far far away, Shelly. Not the funnest scenario, but definitely worth it--just put your face in the freezer for a bit! (that's what I do!) At least you get a darling baby when yours are through. I'm so glad you are learning all you are. What a great opportunity. Prayers, hugs and kisses. We love you all.

  2. I'm glad things seem to be going well. We're praying for you. I'm excited for you guys to KNOW. I'm sure it will be so nice to be able to plan for more than a week in advance. Also, cute, cute name.