Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Very Funny Video

So, my sister Liz has been in town, and some of you know she works for Teva shoes. Recently she coordinated the launch of this online video called, "The Naturist." It's a, "how not to survive in the wild," kind of guide. Very funny. Now, naturist can also mean nudist, so don't go searching for it on google by just that name. You have to search for, teva naturist together. Anyway, it is hilarious, and you should all check it out. Here is a link:

Huffington Post Contest

At the site I just posted, you can vote for the video in an online ad contest. They are currently in the #2 position behind a Brad Pitt commercial. Help us out and go vote for The Naturist!


  1. Absolutely laugh out loud hilarious! Should be shown to every boy scout. (but only those who actually UNDERSTAND sarcasm!) Good Job Teva (and Liz!). I voted for ya.

  2. I am so glad things are going well we wish you the best. I hope are Tyson and your girl will be able to meet one day.

  3. Definitely much better than the Brad Pitt ad in my opinion.