Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogging from my iPhone

Hey guys, guess who is going to blog more now that I found a blog app for my iPhone? Awesome!

So, here is a picture of the kids visiting Kendall at work. I'm sure all the attorneys at his firm loved the ruckus that we brought to the floor. :)

And, for those of you not on facebook, here is Kaitlyns new trick. I had to rescue her from underneath the coffee table earlier this evening. Go cute roli-poli!

YouTube Video

Here is another video of us jamming out to "The Princess and the Frog," while we were on vacation.

YouTube Video

Here's Audrey swimming with her daddy.

Ok, so now that I can post a quick video from my phone I have no excuses for not updating the blog. Count on me posting more than 3 times a year. Life is good here in hot Houston, we are just waiting for the pool to open and we'll make sure we take videos and pictures of all the swimming we are doing.

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  1. happy to see an has been months since i have checked in on your blog. Happy to hear everything is going well. Audrey looks a bit like my Seneka i think. So cute!! your kids are adorable.

  2. I love your family =) The kids are so big! Where does the time go? We miss you guys! Hopefully we can all get together sometime in the next year or so =)

  3. What a treat to find this today! Nice job, Shelly! The kids all look great. Love ya~

  4. I love the pictures, love the videos, and love you guys! I miss you tons! I second what Carina said, hopefully we can get together sometime's been way too long!